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Need help creating PNP

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I posted recently that I was wanting to learn new prototyping techniques on here using various programs. I've come to the conclusion that I need to learn Scribus until I can afford Adobe suite. But I also need to bust out a PNP for button shy contest. How do people use PowerPoint or are there any easy way to make cards and PNP. I have Windows 10. If anyone has any files they can send me to play with. Specifically poker card 3 by 3 poker card template. It can be in PowerPoint or anything. Or any sites or resources I might be missing.

I can be emailed at

Adam Leamey
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I created a word document and

I created a word document and increased the amount of space by decreasing the margin size. I then put all my main components into the word file and converted it into a pdf for consistent prints I used free software for the whole process and it worked out pretty well.

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I would highly recomend you check out nanDeck (

It is not as hard as it looks. It does take a bit of learning, but once you get to know it you can use it on any project and it makes pounding out cards super fast and easy. In other words, the learning curve is worth it in the long run.

One annoying detail is you have to convert everything to CM instead of inches.

I use it to prototype any cards I need. In some cases I have even made final cards for games using it.

You can have it autogenerate a printable PDF of the cards. This allows you to adjust all the data in an excel (or google sheet) and just re-generate the cards and PDF as needed.

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nandeck or photoshop would be

nandeck or photoshop would be my recommendation. automate both via a spreadsheet. i can help with either.

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mcneipl wrote:One annoying

mcneipl wrote:
One annoying detail is you have to convert everything to CM instead of inches.

Just add a line UNIT=INCH ;-)

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Waiting for

nand wrote:
mcneipl wrote:
One annoying detail is you have to convert everything to CM instead of inches.

Just add a line UNIT=INCH ;-)

I can't believe this software defaults to the unit familiar to the vast majority of humans on Earth. How presumptuous :-)

Personally, I'm waiting for UNIT=SMOOT

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Inkscape with the extension I made to lay out sheets of counters/cards/whatever from spreadsheet data:

One of the included examples is a 3x3 sheet of cards that can work as a starting point. There is documentation on the GitHub wiki now, although it lacks some illustrations and probably some text too.

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I advocate GIMP. It may not

I advocate GIMP. It may not be the simpliest software to get used with, but making card patterns is pretty simple, although effective using requires a good understanding about how to use layers. I can write a how-to by the next week if there's someone intrested adout it.

Ofcourse it won't be worth using it only for that. You should learn to use the rest of the functions it has as well to make it really useful.

I've been using GIMP for the last 12 years, so I know the program pretty well. As well as most of its shortcomings too. For example for me it took around six hours to put together a decent looking prototype with unique card design and print it. Actually I got everything done for all the 76 cards, including cutting and sleeving them in that time frame.

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