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need help understanding bleed

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I'm looking into sizing my cards for printing. The size I'm shooting for is 59mm x 91mm. The bleed is 5mm.

which option do I do?

1) Do I make the card 64mm x 96mm and make the other 5mm black.
2) Do I make the card 59mm x 91mm and make the other 5mm black (in essence making the printable area 54mm x 86mm)
3) Neither, it works like this (insert answer).


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This might help

This is just an image using the dimensions you gave and what I understand you're asking. Sometimes bleed requirements differ from printshop to printshop/ printer to printer.

The 5mm bleed should be the black border in this image. For printing purposes, and safe text/images, all your vital info and art should probably be given around 5mm as well from the edge of the black inwards on the gray. So 10mm total from the edge of this image. Take note that this image is at 90dpi, and for good print quality you're gonna want to use a 300dpi image.

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3. Neither. A 5mm bleed means

3. Neither.

A 5mm bleed means 5mm on all sides, so your final image would be 69mmx101mm. But, Cattlemark is also correct in that you will need to leave some sort of margin around the critical information on the card, and 5mm is probably about right.

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Thanks guys!

To make sure I got it.

image is 69mm x 101mm at 300 dpi

From the edge to the the first gray border is the bleed(5mm), and I should squeeze the card graphics into the second gray border(another 5mm)?

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