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Need Much Help!!

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Hello - I'm new to this blog and I'm extremely happy I came across it. Especially at this highly crucial time for me.
I'm in the prototype phase of a new board game and I'm trying to acquire the things I need to have a prototype for my kickstarter campaign.

I have a board, dice, game pieces, timer, scoresheets and homemade printed colored cards (red, yellow and green cardstock).

I'm trying to find a company or companies to help me create a box and a tray both to my specifications.

I've tried some but they're looking for quantities I don't need. As I stated I'm at the prototype phase and need an extreme minimum qty.

Can anyone provide guidance for me? Any and all would be graciously welcomed.

Thank You

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For most Kickstarters I see

For most Kickstarters I see and back they don't actually have a physical box and tray shown. Sometimes there is a picture of a box which I usually assume is a mock up that they made themselves . What is usually shown is just a 2D or 3D image of the box. A lot of KS games even have the tray or insert as a stretch goal so they don't ever show the physical tray, usually just a render of the possible design. Just have a look at a bunch of successful KS games on the site right now and you'll see what I'm talking about. There are members who have used KS to launch their games so hopefully they have better insight than myself.

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As per my understanding...

Creating a BOX for a 3D scene in Photoshop is a step-by-step process. You don't need any tools... Just to find a tutorial.

I've use Boxshot 4:

It allows you to professionally RENDER a box. But like I said that is before that I learned you can design the box simply using a photoshop tutorial... Just google for "create product box in photoshop" and you should get a variety of tutorials. Choose whichever you feel is best.

Or use Boxshot 4... But pay the $99 USD for a Home license which removes the watermark from the rendered results.


Note: Nobody shows the black Vac-Tray... Most even omit it from the component list and simply state "includes a box" which by extension has some kind of Vac-Tray.

Update: You can use Print & Play for custom box sizes:

Sorry I thought you wanted to render a scene with your components not actually have made a physical box. P&P will allow you to create whatever you need custom sized (I believe). And you can order only 1 or 2 ...

Warning: They are PRICEY (over $20+ USD) for custom box sizes... They also have some pre-fab samples which are standard that you may want to use instead.

Here's a example of a standard one:

There are others too... You just need to browse. Printing on only the cover side and leaving the bottom BLANK will also reduce the cost to have the box made...

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You can easily kickstart

You can easily kickstart without a box. Worry about the art quality on your components, but don’t sweat the box.

I sent my full protos out for review in blank cardboard boxes. Nobody blinked.

Colored card stock... might not get the results you want for a Kickstarter...

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Some considerations

Also make certain that your box size is LESS than 12" x 12". And the reason for this has got to do with shelf sizes. I just finished a couple days ago reading a thread with this EXACT advice.

That P&P box is probably the LARGEST box you could select.

Like @Jason says... You don't necessarily need a "fancy" box for your prototypes but if you want to go to that level of detail, P&P should be able to accommodate you.


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Shelf size for sure, for the

Shelf size for sure, for the real box. I called around to game stores and asked about what sizes they’d want or not want :). That informed my choice of map tile size, etc.

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Create custom printed packaging

If you really want a box for your prototype, I've asked a friend who had a simillar problem, and he told me he uses this:
I hope this helps.

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By the way, a number of us

By the way, a number of us have Kickstarter experience.. If you want feedback on the state of your game, post some photos of what you have, i.e. the sort of thing you're thinking about putting on a KS page.

Or.. I assume if you're thinking about KS then you already have a KS page you're working on. If not, start one :). That's a great and simple way to put up images for us to preview.

I originally thought I'd need a faked-up box for the KS, but it's easy to work around that and just have component pics. But your component pics are important.

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Great for prototypes

For our various prototypes we like to use gamecrafter. Its not exactly the right dimensions or quality of course, but its a great way to print one or only a few copies for experimentation. I have used it for a dozen games or so.



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