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New Bulk Pricing, Great for Kickstarters!

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New Bulk Prices for Board Games and Card Games at The Game Crafter

There’s been a growing trend of people using The Game Crafter to manufacture parts or all of their game after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Plague is one such example. The truth is that a lot of campaigns that failed wouldn’t have failed had they set the starting goals a little lower. You might not be able to raise enough funds to do 5,000 or even 2,000 copies of your game, but what about 500 or 200 copies? That order of magnitude is a pretty big difference.

It is with that in mind that we are offering new bulk pricing options with as much as 40% off the manufacturing cost of your game. To see this new pricing go into your game editor and click on the Bulk Cost Each link. (see attached image)

And then you’ll see a rainbow table displaying the cost at various bulk quantities.

Here’s how it works: Our system takes a look at all of the components in your game. Some don’t scale up very well (like boxes) and therefore don’t get much of a discount, while others scale up really well (like poker cards) and offer deep discounts. From that it’s able to figure out if we can give you only a 15% discount or if we can give you as much as a 40% discount on large bulk orders. Whatever the discount we can provide, is spread over 50 copy intervals up to 500 copies. This enables you to start getting a discount with as few as 25 copies, and continue from there.

This, of course, will be useful to people beyond Kickstarter as well. For example, we didn’t have a bulk discount for 50 copies before, but you might want to order 50 copies for Christmas gifts or if you’re going to a big convention.

The official announcement is available at:

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