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New Game snap on dilema

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Hi my name is Paul and I have created a new board game based upon a kids school yard activity.
Hasbro Rep saw my game in September and I now need to produce a boxed version rather than my fixed acrylic based vinyl printed version.

I need help from a prototyper who can show me how to create a snap on method for my folding board (Like Moouse trap) so that i can create and snap on the pieces that attach to the board surface.

Is there a gamer out there who could show me a little guidance

Cheers in anticipation

Paul H

truekid games
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Based on the picture, I'd

Based on the picture, I'd actually say it could probably be accomplished most easily with chipboard rather than plastic, using standard tab-a into slot-a cuts:

You can print thematic graphics onto label paper and stick it onto the chipboard before cutting it, this would make the playground equipment look more integrated, and would also let you put on cut lines for ease of cutting it out (probably using an exacto knife on a cutting pad).

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