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New ideas for new d4 dice

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Ever had an idea for game using d4 dice but couldn't stand [literally] it? I have invented & developed new unique dice that is rolling like a charm. My main goal was to decrease number of injuries suffered by RPG players during the play involving caltrops, but then I realized there is a lot more than just playing existing games. Since there are many references to number 4 [i.e. 4 elements, 4 directions] why not design completely new games?

For testing your game idea I provide 1 cast pewter pipped die at nominal price £1 [one pound sterling GBP] plus shipping at cost.

This is EXCLUSIVE offer for BGDF members. You won't find this dice anywhere else. It will be available for sale but until then You [the game developer] will have unique opportunity to play with it and let you creativity ROLL wild.

By requesting the sample dice you are entering an agreement where you agree on the following terms and conditions. Dice will be supplied exclusively by my company. The integral part of the agreement is you won't circumnavigate my rights as inventor of the dice in any way [for example by copying the design and/or ordering from another supplier]. This applies to any transfer of rights, for example licensing or selling your game idea. Since it is YOUR game idea you are free to use existing standard 4-sided dice [tetrahedron] instead if you wish.

Subject to MOQ [minimum order quantity] I can supply any combination of markings: pips[*, **, ***, ****], numbers [1, 2, 3, 4], elements/symbols [earth, wind, fire, water], letters [N, E, S, W] or whatever combination you desire.

Questions? E-mail me

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Can we see the die?

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I guess it is not just an

I guess it is not just an 8-sided die numbered 1-4 twice, or a 12-sided die numbered 1-4 thrice?

Not sure how much you can improve on those though?

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