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Pillars: Card Design and Setup

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Economy Card

Here we have two different cards. The number in the top Left is the power number and the symbol in the top right is the Pillar type (Military , Government, Economy, or Culture). Each card will have different options with a price, indicated by the blue tab above the ability text box. As you can see, the higher power card has less options; this is part of the balancing scheme at work. The stronger the card the less flexible it is during the game. The Military card (red) has a power of two but can be used in three different ways. Once one of the options/abilities have been chosen, you may not use any of the other options. I really like this set up because on a given turn you have a lot to work with and can react differently depending on what happens. Although, you risk getting you card conquered when it has a lower power.

What are your thoughts?

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Symbol Placement

I'd suggest one of the following to assist with card symbology:
- Have both the power number and the card type in the upper-left corner, and place the same pairing in the bottom-right corner but upside-down (so that both the symbol and the power value can be seen on either side of the table, just like regular playing cards).
- Instead of using the background pattern, use the symbol for the card type as the background pattern image.
- Do both. Have both the symbol and the card's power value in the upper-left and lower-right corners, and have the card type's symbol to make the pattern in the card's background.

As far as the mechanics go regarding more options with lower-value, it sounds all right to me. It ought to be tested thoroughly.

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