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Plastic card boxes

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I've just found this site. I think it is interesting, so I post it here.

Willi B
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I guess it's not too bad...

I figured the top case deal out to 70.625 cents per box. There is obviously some possibilities for self publishers and early runs, but I think that most retailers would prefer other packaging in the long run. Good find!

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TC Bulk and others

If I recall, we used TC Bulk (I think) for a game printing job a couple years ago. We ordered card sleeves, and it was a good experience.

I'm not sold on the idea of plastic boxes for games because of the lost "sales space" on the box. Retailers will rarely give you the shelf orientation that you want (anyone remember folio and ziplock games?) so those blank sides can hurt you, even if you do a nice top and bottom card to help sell the game.

On the other hand, if you're selling over the Internet, who cares? Seventy cents is less than half the price of a standard two piece box and about half the price of a tuck box.

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Unfortunately they don't ship to Europe! Ouch!

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