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Plastic Transparent Cards?

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Joined: 05/24/2017

Hello all,

I'm having trouble finding something to fit my need, hoping someone might have some ideas.

I require blank transparent cards, not unlike the ones used in Gloom. You wouldn't think these would be too hard to find, but I haven't had any luck.

Found transparent business cards, but those aren't quite the same thing.

Anyway, hope someone might have some suggestions for me, thanks.

Glass shoe games
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Are you looking for just some

Are you looking for just some samples to play with or manufacturer?
Either or I know print ninja manufactures them.
If your looking for something to just play with you can try transparency sheets.

Joined: 05/24/2017
Looking for some to just play

Looking for some to just play with for the time being.
Found this from Print Ninja:

Seems like they've stopped doing them.

I could use something like sheets, but something that can be shuffled would be ideal.

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You can always buy

You can always buy transparencies like these:

And then cut out the size you need to make cards. Then, you can put them into clear penny sleeves to make them easy to shuffle.

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Second Gabe's suggestion...

Second Gabe's suggestion... buy transparencies, cut them, and put them into penny sleeves. Note that most of the transparencies are VERY specific for injet or laser so make sure you get the right kind.

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To buy or make-
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I don't know if you can get

I don't know if you can get them where you live but Acetate sheets are easy to cut and stiff enough to use as cards.
You could also get PET sheets in some places.

Joined: 05/24/2017
This is great! Thanks for all

This is great!
Thanks for all of the suggestions, I'll have to look into them.
I was just coming here to say I came up with a DIY solution, but there's some much better options being suggested here.

I was going to get some transparency sheets and some hard plastic sleeves and do it up that way, but that would have been a pain to shuffle.

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