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Possibly need replacement component for glass beads

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Joined: 06/03/2012

I have a children's dexterity game where players simultaneously drop glass beads (raindrops) onto their seed/flower cards in play to score points. The blue beads are a nice touch and the game works great on the carpet.

My response when submitting to a few publishers was the cost and weight (to ship) of the glass beads was higher than desired since the other components are cards and that they could be a choking hazard. Additionally, they can potentially damage table surfaces and are a nightmare to contain when they fly off small tables (which is all the time).

I am trying to find a component that delivers the same feel of "raindrops" falling from clouds (your hands). I thought about circular cardboard discs or just a card with a raindrop printed on them but those definitely don't look or feel as elegant as a bead.

Any suggestions? Thank you guys!

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Mini marshmallows, after

Mini marshmallows, after dinner mints, grains of rice.... (Maybe I'm just hungry)

wood cubes? Pom poms?

[They'd still bounce off the table, unless you have a cardboard fence/corral around the playing area]

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I had thought of poms poms

I had thought of poms poms but couldn't recall the name. That definitely feels the closest so far.

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For a children's game you want something that's durable but safe at the same time.

So maybe something larger? If not glass, what about plastic like the size of a paintball. But if you're looking for something smaller, what about airsoft pellets (though those are really small)?

Heck, you can even just use paintballs to start (however you do have to be aware of its shell, of course, but it's easy to acquire).

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This sounds like a great game to market to the Natural organic crowd. Waldorph style toys are growing in popularity. I would say go for Wood and make it out of something cool like recycled pallets. Not sure on cost but able to market to a crowd who'd pay of it.

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I'd stick with the Pom-Poms! Won't damage any surface nor your cards. Wood is spherical would probably not damage cards - but if you compare the price of "Pom-Poms" and wood - well we wouldn't be debating the issue!

(P.S.: The Pom-Poms are probably a lot less expensive!)

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