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Printing Cards Professionally?

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Hello! I am a university student designing a board game for my senior thesis. One of the components of my game is a deck of 64 2.5" x 3.5" cards, and I want to create two finished prototypes for a total 128 cards. My school has a rapid-prototyping center including laser cutter and plotter-printer, and using the resources here I believe I could make all of my cards for about 130$ and a significant time investment (they would be glossy and professional looking, with both sides printed).

What I am trying to find is a professional printer who could possibly do the job for less, although I'm prepared to pay more if it will save me time. Does anyone know a place in the mid-west states that could do this, or some company farther away that can do fast work?


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The Game Crafter

Check out The Game Crafter ( They are a Print-On-Demand game company. You can create a game and upload all your graphics, rules and other files. Then you can add components to the game from their selection of hundreds of parts. You can order your games in full color boxes including tuckboxes. You can order your games at the print cost and even post them for sale to others at a price that you choose. I've been using them to create my games for the last two years and they are constantly evolving and listening to customer feedback. Their quality and prices are very good too. They generally have a 7-10 day turnaround time, but right now with all the summer conventions they have been getting lots of huge orders so they recommend you plan on a 15 day turnaround until they get some more printers online or the large orders die down. You can see the games I've created through them on my site:

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The Game Crafter is a great

The Game Crafter is a great suggestion. Your other possibility would be Superior POD (

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