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Printing small numbers of games

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Hi folks,

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this.

If I create a board game and want to self publish, are there places I can get games printed and made up in small numbers? Let's say for example, just 50 games. I live in UK if anyone knows a UK company that's a bonus - the type of company where they make all the bits.

If (just as an example) I was making a game like Monopoly, how much would it cost to print such a small number?

Any help appreciated.


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Never tried them myself but

Never tried them myself but some have recommended:

Markus Hagenauer
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The easyest way to get an

The easyest way to get an idea about the price, is to look at
Depending on the components you need, it might be cheaper to have a print shop for the board and box and by the other components (for exampel at ) and pack the gemes yourselfe.

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You can also try

You can also try

They can print game boxes (in certain sizes) and shrinkwrap them. You can even get foam inserts for the boxes. They can also print custom chits unlike thegamecrafter. They have slightly better quality than thegamecrafter and are a little less expensive. Thegamecrafter is a lot more user friendly, better turn around time and has much better customer service. Its best to email superior pod for a quote. Thegamecrafter has an online cost estimator to give you a rough idea but I've found it to be a little off. For either site just keep in mind that the cost of the cards changes per sheet. Printing 2 cards costs the same as printing 16 at gamecrafter and 18 at superior pod. So its best to adjust your cards to multples of 16 or 18 for cost efficiency.

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Thanks folks - that's very useful info. Does anyone know if there are companies like this in England UK?

truekid games
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I think that's been asked

I think that's been asked before, and if I recall the answer was "not that anyone is aware of" at that time :/

however, i'd suggest finding a local book or boxprinter and talking to them- they should be able to handle most of your needs for printed materials, and then you could hit up for non-printed components.

actually, that's assuming you wanted a small run (like, 250 to 1000). for a micro-run like 50, i'd actually recommend doing it all by hand- get things printed on nice paper at your local copy shop, cut and spray-mount them on the board/boxes yourself, hand-collate, etc.

if you get a company to do it for you, at 50 copies, you will be paying WAY more per copy than you will think is reasonable. I'd say would be extremely lucky to get out the door for $50 a copy (for, say, something similar to monopoly) at that low of a run (and that's assuming your non-printed bits are all standard ones like pawns and plastic chips and non-custom dice) - if you had someone else do everything for you.

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I feared that might be the case!

Thanks though :)

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