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Printing onto thick card

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The first playable prototype for Asteroid19 uses a lamp-stand with graphics printed onto paper stuck on top. I am in the process of building a more robust prototype of the game, and need to print graphics onto thick card/wood. Any ideas?

The component in question will be hexagonal, about 21cm across. Inside will be a circle of printed graphics (the big circle in the attached image - note, this image does not include the hexagon), about 20cm across - i.e. the biggest circle that will fit into the hexagon. The component will have a 2cm hole in the middle, and four 1cm holes about 5cm from the centre. It is the main board in this board game, and will be lifted/removed from the box during set up/set down. I will provide drawings and more images soon.

A few ideas from replies to my welcome post:
> Cheap printing services like or
> Self adhesive Sticker Sheets, Printed onto the sheets and then stuck them on the card + adding a clear adhesive film over the top.

Any other thoughts?

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Besides printing on sticker

Besides printing on sticker sheets, which I believe would be the most affordable way to go, you can try laser engraving/cutting. You may have to learn about how to format files for the equipment (it's not difficult but if you've never done it before, it does take a little learning) and it would be a more expensive route but it's an option and would look cool. Local universities (look for industrial design, furniture design or graphic printing departments) or maker clubs tend to have the equipment and it'd be cheaper to go through them than a formal service if you decide to look into it.

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Thanks for the suggestion. For now I am planning to print the graphics onto paper using a normal colour printer, cut out the round shape, and use sticky-back-plastic to attached the graphic to 6mm plywood.

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Another option could be to

Another option could be to direct print onto a 2mm styrene sheet. Some print shops (eps if they deal with retail) will have an i-cut to cut to profile. Prob more expensive but would be very robust and quality.

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