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Professional 3d printing service?

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Joined: 09/18/2013

Does anyone have any recommendations for a professional 3d print prototyping service for 30mm-50mm plastic playing pieces of humanoid figures?

Makerbot and similar printers are not feasible, as they don't provide the detail I need. Someone told me I should look for a resin-based printer, as that will result in better fidelity.

Anyone have any advice/recommendations?

Joined: 02/16/2010

I didn’t notice this post initially or I would have spoken up sooner. So I do all of my own 3-D modeling but that isn’t really enough to create quality 28mm products. Here are the steps I take when fabricating to get something usable.

I generate a custom model using Blender. After creating the mini I head over to and get a copy printed and heading my way. My preferred material is the Ultra high detail material. Some lower fidelity material work, or are more flexible, but simply don’t offer the correct detail level. Once I get the model back I soak it in Dawn dish soap (sometimes the model still has mineral oil on it).

The tricky part comes next. If you want the model to be pushed out quickly you can use the “low-res” version you get back from Shapeways. If you have a sculptor available this is where he will enter the scene. The sculptor can “finish” the details, print lines, and other issues the model will come with after printing and give you a finer detail piece. A sculptor can usually get a piece market ready and truly professional looking in a day and for a great deal less money than an original sculpt from scratch.

I should mention that there is literally NO better source for 3-d printing and that fidelity and quality from Shapeways is beyond reproach. This is to say of course that if you want better you’re going to have to wait for the technology to improve because Shapeways already uses the best.


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