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Prototype AGENT CARDS for CyberPsi: Agenda

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Joined: 08/01/2013
Prototype AGENT CARDS for CyberPsi: Agenda

These are prototype cards for my science fiction board game, CyberPsi: Agenda.

Do they look polished? Is the information readable?

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These are VERY nice! The icons are clear and the character [with no drawn background] is a nice touch that makes the illustration really pop. I would put the information line on the girl in a frame - it would get lost for me.

Who is the illustrator? An awesome trio indeed!

As to having your game on the shelf for 20 years - don't sewat it. If you had brought it out back then, it wouldn't look half as sweet and probably wouldn't play. Sometimes good designs need time, sometimes they spring on you full-blown.

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