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Question about image quality

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Hello again! Recently I discovered the wonderful world of increasing resolution for better image quality. On one hand, this is apparently common knowledge and I feel like a complete dumbass for not figuring this out sooner. On the other hand I'm glad I know now before I got too deep into remaking image artwork how I was originally doing it.

Now my question is, Vector vs. High DPI/PPI images: Is there a more preferred version for a finished and boxed product?

Currently I'm using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for all game artwork, and, like I said, just found out how to boost the resolution for a better looking finished product. But, are HD images acceptable for a final print, or does everything have to be vector?

For some I'm guessing this is a pretty dumb question, but I really have no knowledge in this field. Any input is helpful! Thank you!

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Vector Vs. Raster

There's no preferred version for a final box product, vector and high DPI/PPI images are different things. Vector can be enlarged infinitely without pixelation, while raster DPI/PPI images have a limit to how big they can go before the images pixelate. As long as you work in 300 DPI and high resolution PPI, your images should be fine for box art. Vector is much more difficult to get a painterly quality from as opposed to raster, so it really depends on what your box art looks like. Vector is typically used for logo and icon design while raster is for painting/photo manipulation etc. I was formally a vector artist and I myself had to concede that vector and raster both have their purpose and necessity, so it's not an either/or kinda thing. I saw your Facebook post on the board game group and your icons work in raster, but they could be sharper in a vector format. Let me know if you have any questions.

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