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Questions on boxes and boards

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As I'm reaching the end stages of my design for Manges-Toutes I am thinking about creating the box BUT...
How does one begin making this. I know how you make the physical box and the indesign or what not but how do you decide on the size of the box? Do you first make all the prototype elements and figure it out from there by carefully placing all the tokens and boards in a box or do you calculate beforehand? Or do you just take a standard sized box and fill her up with inlays if there's too much room?

Furthermore, about Gamecrafter and other printers. Do you need to stick to the punchboard and other boardsizes of those companies (and thus basically design something based on whatever company you are going or wanting to print at) or doesn't all that stuff matter?

I'm also a bit... weary (frightened maybe) about mailing printers and asking them how much it would cost. I know that's most likely the thing to do but I'd think they'd be like "wtf is this amateur asking here, no way we're printing that".
Anyyways, from jobexperience I think any printer would be happy to get to print but still... am I being too uncertain, overly-nice and unconfident or do I have some point in this?


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I would be picking a standard

I would be picking a standard box size for games with a similar audience and figuring out how to scale my components to fit that box. Which for me would only be relevant for making decisions at like The Game Crafter; as I have no intention of ever vanity publishing a game beyond print on demand.

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Hello, I had the same problem

Hello, I had the same problem a few years ago ... I was looking at the beginning of the boxes ready to fit the components inside ... Then I did the opposite, creating the space to fit the components and building a box to measure.
Eventually I was able to optimize everything, doing both, creating the space to fit the components, but with standard measures.

Try to look from here on out if you can help:

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I recently got a quote for

I recently got a quote for tuck boxes from Now, the costs are expensive for small quantities, but are better the more you buy. They have an online chat feature where they can give you a quote right away, and email you the same quote later.

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