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Quick Question: prototyping custom sided D6 dice

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Hello there!

I'm working on an idea where players roll dice and have to arrange them to gain an advantage (like rolling what passengers you have on a plane and placing the chatty old lady next to the person with headphones). How do you go about prototyping this? Glueing paper on D6's? Crumbling it up into a cube then writing on it?

Thanks in advance, and have a great day!

*bonus: What theme does this mechanic fit well with in your mind?

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Use TGC Blank Indented Dice + Stickers

Check this out at "The Game Crafter" (TGC):

$0.41 each.

3 dice (6 faces x 3 = 18 stickers) = $2.15 (I believe)

Create a new game and put placeholder blank images (PNGs or JPGs) and you should be able to get an inexpensive quote...


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Most designers I know of just

Most designers I know of just use standard D6 that they have and put circle or small square labels on them (usually from a dollar store) and write whatever they need to on that.

Easy, cheap and re-purpose-able.

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There are various ways to do

There are various ways to do that

There are blank dice that you can either glue stuff on it, or write with a permanent market on it (and clean it with alcohol)

I also had large wooden cubes that I stick label on them then draw my symbol on it.

In fact as an example, recently I made a prototype using both the sticker on cube, and the marker on a blank die. Look at the left of the picture

The numbered die is the blank die. The surface feels like porcelain.

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Blank dice from spielpro (if you need a variety of colors), and paint pens.

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