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Reasonable limit to movement grid sizes

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I'm working on a game that I believe will use grid-based movement using square cells. The theme of my game puts players in a 'big box store' environment, the key points of which will be numerous aisles with narrow walking areas. Because of this I'd like to have a larger number of cells and just give players move movement points to make up for it.

My question relates to the physical size of the cells. I've printed my board at both 1inch per cell and 0.75inches per cell. If I aim for a roughly 20x20 quadfold board that gives me 26x26 cells instead of 20x20 if I use the larger form. I'm tempted to try the next size down, and I'll likely print and test it, but I was wondering if people have ever played a game with grid based movement where they found the cells too small? Or if people have a general feeling for what a good size is?

I'm also curious once I get a rough draft board printed how having lots of aisles will affect the perception of movement. Limiting the movement area to lots of straight lines (with breaks to dash between aisles) may negatively affect things, but since doing that in real life is a relateable experience perhaps not.

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for me the problem is not so

for me the problem is not so much how small the tiles are but how hard it will be to manovuer your piece on the board, which is more affected by how many pieces there are on the board than the size of the pieces or tiles

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