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Repurposing prototype resources

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Joined: 08/23/2013

Thought I would see how many members out there repurpose items to help develop your prototypes.
Myself I have reused boxes by recovering them with art printed on full size aadhesive label sheets, dice by adding stickers over them to make custom, and pieces from other games altered to be close to what I want.
What other things has anyone else done?

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Joined: 10/28/2013
I got a pile of little

I got a pile of little plastic boards. Varying from 12x12 mm to 24x24 mm. (only 1 mm thick)
If I suddenly got an idea, I simply can draw on these cards what I want.
And immidiately put it into play.
No need for printing and cutting.

The catch however is that you need "permanent" markers. These are resilient against water, but simply wiped off with an tissue.

A normal marker is actually permanent on these.

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Joined: 01/30/2015

I re-use the 6 sided and 8 sided dice. The cutting out of 8 sided stickers REALLY sucks. but easy enough with a template and exacto.

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