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Resin Casting of custom game pieces

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lady Fuchsia
Joined: 01/14/2010

I am an artist and board game fan. I have created a lot of custom sculpted components to use as fun replacements for game pieces in favorite games using polymer clay. I would love to be able to reproduce and sell my pieces to other board game fans. However, I have really hit a wall in trying to cast them myself. I have made molds and done some casting- but I am not good enough or fast enough at casting to make it worthwhile. Does anyone here know of a company who does low volume resin casting? Perhaps 100 of a piece?

best wishes,

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Home-based 3-D prototyping...

Although not exactly what you're looking for, you may find it worthwhile to take a look at this month's Make Magazine ( Volume 21 is all about desktop manufacturing. Especially noteworthy is what the folks at MakerBot are doing ( They have home fabbers that extrude Lego-style plastics with pretty decent precision. The material itself is super-cheap, and the kit to make the machine costs $750 (

If what you're making isn't too large or intricate, you could get what you want (and an awesome multi-purpose tool to boot) for a relatively small initial investment.

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