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Rough prototype stuff for Grim Tales

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I thought through a lot of it for quite a while, and playtested it myself a bit.

So far I have something like this:

El Cid - Elven - Spellsworn (I made up this class, which basically uses sword and causes damage with spells.)
#Fighterlike, Mage, Mana-Builder. (I haven't done much to this but was originally a color scheme for the game.)
(Spellbook) [02 Spells] {100 pages} (Pages are spent to create spells 1 page = 15 units words, picture, etc.)
Cloak D1, sword A6 Reach 1 (D= Defense, A=Attack)
Nourishment Level: 25/50 (Food like bread is 6 nourishment and can be lost like stamina.)
Time Spanned: 25/25 (Each battle you successfully enter equals 1 time point which can be fixed with a 5-minute rest)
20 * Charge = 1 (Gain back 10 hits when one is spent)
12 > Momentum = 2 (you can move and attack at 0 but > gets you +1 to hit or makes another attack possible)
06 + Condition = 3 (The condition of your body and is 1 hit which equals 5 pts health chunks per)
08 ^ Figure = 1 (Your lifting ability and damage ability which would be five since all are 5 like condition so far.)
09 ! Rating = 1 (Your ability to hit a target +1)
07 - Survival = 2 (Your ability to be hit and not sustain wounds +2 difficulty)
10 @ Awareness = 4 Discount -1 (Your specialty on exp spending and is mana + ability to ressurect.)

Health +3 (x3) -0 (Your current hits left, your three last stands until bleeding occurs [1 successful attack at a time], your negative score which indicates what you must roll over before bleeding to death.)
Mana Pool +4 (x3) -0 (Your current mana left, your three overcharge points, and mana loss causing you discomfort and lost hits per failed roll. Resets one mana per turn.)

1/4' 1" pouch(100 coins): 10CC (usually Width of the item carried, followed by depth, then by thickness. Always take off the amount lost through thickness and leave the number appropriate behind. In this case a coin is a stack and may fit up to 100 coins.)
Backpack 4x4x1/4 (10 slots) (same thing except only 1 item per foot is allowed.)
+5x HP potion
-Warlock "Abagail" Colleuge (I thought this would be cool if you hired NPCs that you put their soul into your backpack for safekeeping and ownership purposes. You hired 'em.)

Spell Heal (15m/1r) (Probably a more difficult part. M for mana, R for reach. 15-1=14-12=2 then effects 1, 2 people.)
2d6- Effects 2

Spell Cure (12m/2r)
1 ailment cured

The other rules made are something like this:

1 = tiny hit
2 = mini hit (not neccessary to be used so far at this point because of small hit. Optional I hope.)
3 = small hit
5 = medium hit
10 = hit
100 = big hit
1000 = biggest hit

That would include d1000 in the game.

An example of my perma-death then delete character completely would be that you die so roll a D20. If you get a 1 keep rolling for however many hits can be taken on your modifier, then if you roll like 2 1's in a roll, require ressurection or perma-death. One hit box at least. I'm assuming most creatures would have 2. (Animals may have one unless proper care were taken.) And a dwarf would with it's supposed constitution would have 3 hit boxes because of racial adjustment.

I kinda diced up the hits here and there to create the rules and make it shnazzy.

There are three more main rules to understand from player side... +15 is player/hero initiative. This cannot be changed (at least so far.) +10 is duel check rolls, for each failure your opponent takes a swipe at you, for each success you take a swipe at him, back and forth. +5 is magic spell casting check... if you fail your spell fails and you must recast (not sure how that works quite yet but for now no mana lost as you never cast the spell...)

Then for the monster building.

First you get a army commander which I haven't really decided on a name for it yet (game master, leader? I don't know.)... Anyways this commander unit is essentially the DM playing the game and has his own money system, barter system, etc. He has "Master points" to purchase units which are randomly created upon the battlefield at his own choosing. You get master points based on strength level, so... it would be basically what your unit or character sheet would give you normally. I've done this before but I haven't really decided finally on how to make his sheet. Though it's easily done enough using the old rules that was more like a board game... He could also have a monster sheet which I will show you next.

Monsters get a type (what type of dice to use) a class (what 'classiness' does it have 1 to the end of the dice. Higher levels mean more stats.) You can improve these for more mastery points. If you change a name or anything to improve stats like Ghoul to Big Ghoul so it gets a bonus +3 levels of hits then it will cost you -1- more master point.

Body (hits)
Muscle (strength)
Tone (To move with armor worn.)
Ability (Your ability to be hit, + your ability to hit with an attack.)

then you get something like chainmail to a beetle's shell. Usually this is how armor goes:
Either words like Big Shell which would be +1 for big (at least) and +1 for shell (at least) or maybe something more descriptive like Big Hard Shell which in this case would be +3D.

Weapons are treated the same way and when you get a certain +attack you get a certain Die to use (the same one it equals of course.)

Lair generation:

I really like my players to come up with things on their own, variety, etc. and I like to make it cheap as well (dice, custom eventually hopefully...). I like them to create their own monsters will the rules and pretty much everything but the very most basic of rulings which would set a guideline. I like that sort of creativity.

So, making a sheet like a stat builder or other picturesque would be admisable. In a scenario setting I would give certain rules to abide by like a certain number of corners on the map, etc. to make it more difficult (or easier) to freehand one. Anyways, random is my number one rule and I don't like not having random in the games now-a-days.

Soooo, I guess it's sort of in the air but as far as it goes there -is- fighting outside and you can go to inns and basically do whatever you want like in 2e dungeons and dragons except you don't really say what you want to do in mine, you roll it.

So what do you think of my prototype so far?

Does it seem appealing?

-- FJ

P.S. not sure if I left something out will think of it if I can or you can ask questions if you'd like =)
One more thing I'd point out is that usually things are rolled positive to make it easy to understand and monsters don't usually get high initiative so can save easier instead of roll higher, while the hero would have to deal with it less often...

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