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Royalty free

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I think I understand what royalty free means, but am not 100% sure.

Would a royalty free image allow for any of the following:
Sell a game that uses the image in the game?
Use the image to make a new image, and sell the new image? (For example if I bought a royalty free photo of a castle, and made a scene with the castle on fire being attack by orcs; could I resell that new image?
Texture a 3d model with the image, and resell the model with the mapped texture?

Just curious.

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"Royalty free" means simply

"Royalty free" means simply that it can be used without making an additional payment. It does not guarantee HOW it can be used. That depends solely upon the license, which can vary. The only way to know is to read that and see what it says.

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