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Rule Book Review

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The rule book linked here is the rule book that will be going to the publisher in a few weeks.

I would appreciate any feed back you have about layout, content, readability, and so on.

The rule book has been designed to fit other rule books designed by the publisher.

The game is a sci-fi war game with a euro worker-placement mechanic.

I love you and look forward to your comments.

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"I love you" Wow this

"I love you"

Wow this relationship is moving kinda fast...

let-off studios
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I didn't see the letter

I didn't see the letter labels on the "ship card detail" section of the rules on page 7.

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What's not to love about BGDF?

The Indesign document shows the numbers, and so does the PDF file on my computer. The numbers go lost in translation through dropbox. Not sure how to fix that.

Anything else?

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