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Rulebook Creation

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, but I want to make a prototype rulebook for playtesters I'm not in the room with. The game would be packaged in a smaller box so I need software to be able to make a small rulebook that can be printed off a standard printer. Anyone know of anything?

The Professor
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Remain Pargamatic


Anyone who has been in the business for awhile will tell you, do not spend money on peripherals, not only for a prototype, but definitely for play-testers. Create the rules in MSWord and print them on normal, letter-sized paper. Allow them to play the game, make copious notes, and feedback; and then read it and absorb the information.


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Keep it simple

Agreed. Don't do anything special with the rulebook, just write it in a word processor with simple formatting, writing as clearly as you can. Maybe add a diagram or two as appropriate (or photos of the game set up would work just fine) to help with clarity. You really don't need to convince playtesters that this is a "finished" game (in fact you probably want the opposite).

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is possible to export as pdf, is open source and free

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Thanks for the tips guys,

Thanks for the tips guys, I'll just make it normally then.

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I use to make

I use to make my rulebooks.

I've found it to be easier and less frustrating than Office.

And it's free.

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For this stage it can be

For this stage it can be beneficial to use Google Docs as well, it's simple enough and gives you an online platform for sharing them around to get feedback.

Rick L
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I found it extremely helpful

I found it extremely helpful to use an online document (I used Google docs) to make edits and add content from my phone here and there when I had breaks at work or anywhere. Later, I used Photoshop to lay out pages with full graphics, but I kind of did that too soon! Now, as I realized there were some big changes to make, I have a lot more work editing those pages, rearranging graphics, etc, and I can only do it at home when no one else needs the computer. So keeping a simpler mobile-access draft is the way to go until you have fully committed to all of your final rules.

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