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Subversiva CCG: Card Template Done?

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// w h a t is a free CCG that will be playable both irl and online. Bla bla bla... Visit us and read the FAQ if you want more info or a peek.

// t h i s

Okey ladies and gentlemen. I have the honor to finally present our first template candidate, which I personally believe is complete and looks as it should/could. I feel that some of the colors in the circle containers need some tweaking and some additional stuff like that, but blame that on me and not on our template meister. (And no - we probably won't use icons so there's no need to comment it. This has been discussed previously in this forum even if the posts seem to have been frakked up by now. :twisted:)

Some samples with made up text & values are attached to this post.

Art is credited and © by the artists.
Original template design: Gary Simpson
Almost done Photoshop recreation: Justin Diaz
Final re-creation in Inkscape: Anton Petersson.
Mockup faction skull logo © by Anton Petersson.

Criticism about the _look_ and nothing else is welcome, but be warned, the main design and the big picture stays. We're talking tweaks and details now, not a brand new design. (We won't redo the whole thing, unless of course you draw one that's superior in Inkscape and submit it to us for a review, in which case you should contact us beforehand with a nice sketch. ; )

As usual we also welcome anyone that wants to participate in the development of a perhaps unique CCG project in the sense that it's free, looks ok and community driven.

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It looks good!

You can imagine it being part of a commercially released game.

The Entat'h has a problem with the rounding of the top-right hand corner.

The numbers in the top right-hand corner are a bit close to the edge if you were going to print the cards. For online play obviously it wouldn't matter.

Instead of "this", I think you should have "this card" - for example in "when this comes into play..."

Also, you should know that I tried to join your forum, and emailed the address listed, but never got a reply.

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Thanks. Corner: Yes, I saw


Corner: Yes, I saw it, my bad - is actually fixed already since it depends on my picture placement of the artwork.

Close to edge: Good thinking. Missed out on that. :) Will have to cut irl to see if it's doable and how it will look like, odds are you're correct.

This vs This ćard: All text is just sample and made up for the showing of the template. I agree that "this card" sounds more correct but I'm not sure if it's needed since it's a card game and "this" can only refer to this and that much in it. Then again, I can imagine scenarios where it could refer to abilities and what not, so you're probably right. :)

About forum: I replied to your mail and also activated your account a while ago. Below is a copy:

from eyerouge
till yourname
datum den 1 december 2008 01:36
ämne Re: registration for subversiva forum.

Hi and thanks for the interest in the project.

I have activated your account on the forum. Please feel free and look around. You'd probably want to check out first (password is "test", if any), but beware that the user called Elscouta is currently re-writing the core rules.

If you want to you can also reach me through msn (subcodes at or jabber (eyerouge at gmail dot com). Also make sure you tell me if you want to help out some other way or want tasks =) There's a list for that in the forum as well.-

and with regards


p.s. Nice site you have... think we're on the same plane when it comes to politics :P

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Looks good

Just one comment: for P&P, with cards cut one by one, I see no problem, but if you ever decide to do a commercial print run, you'll have trouble with the info placed so close to the edges. Always leave 1/8" or 3mm.

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How is the game collectable if it is completely free. Do you limit how many cards people can get? How do you work it out in that way?
Are there points for winning that allow you to get new random cards?
Sorry haven't been able to goto the site it's blocked from my work so can't see if you put on there about it. So if this is already documented there don't worry I'll try and remember to check it later.

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0. All cards will be

0. All cards will be available for free to download, print/develop and/or play with on the internet. There are no restrictions whatsoever on availability. Thus there is no so-called "card rarity" and never will be.

1. CCG can be read as "customizable card game" or "complex card game", to mention two alternatives to collectible card game. I'd personally go with "customizable" since I believe it says way more abouth the game and genre than "collectible" does.

2. "Collectible" doesn't at all equate to randomness when acquiring the collectible object(s). It just suggests that some objects can be collected and perhaps that there already are collectors of them in existence.

3. I see random acquisition of game parts (could be cards, dices, meeples, whatever as long as it's parts or modules of the game) as a major problem. This has also been the de facto standard for many commercial CCG:s via i.e. boosterpacks with random cards. Instead I suggest the same approach as you'd have to most games: The player pays and knows what he pays for and what he'll get when he does the transaction.

To me it makes little sense to tell somebody to pay, promise him _some_ rare card and a lot of _crap_ cards in every package, and usually always guaranteeing that he'll get _doubles_.

While it might be, or was, a good business idea for the companies to trick kids (and adults ; ) with that model and make extra profits selling, in reality, cards nobody would have bought if they got to choose, I don't think it's ethical. I also don't think it's good for the game since youäd typically end up with too many crap cards that are seldom used and are just fillers released from the industry because of the way they choose to distribute their game (with randomness).

I don't think the way you _acquire a game_ and/or it's parts has any _logical_ effect on how the game plays. I.e. the rules for MTG are the same even if you don't buy boosters and pick up the cards handpicked from the private market that exists around MTG.

Lastly, a game that relies on the player's random acquisition of the game parts usually leads to an interesting effect: The riches persons (or rather - the ones willing to invest most money) into the game will get the rarest cards, thus those persons would always have _greater_ freedom to build any deck they want compared to the "normal players". It's an unequal system for the players and it favours consumerism on a capitalist market.

4. Much of this was also previously discussed in length in a thread about getting cards at random, but I don't know if the thread's around any longer. Admittedly there are people that are happy with a random system for various reasons. Main thing to remember is that it's a social/psychological factor they're experiencing when they "collect" (or rather, consume?) and that it still doesn't change anything within the game itself, more than giving them greater options than all the others. Good news for this kind of people is that they could still play our CCG: They could do it by i.e. drafting (could relate partially to this discussion) , or by letting some random method of their own choice decide which cards they'll "buy" this time. If there really was such a surge for this I could also easily code a site where boosters were generated and people had an account and a a card pool: Since it would be free you could be limitied to only get x amount of boosters per month/week etc. Once you get a card in your virtual booster you could then feel blessed and go and acquire that card by downloading it and printing/developing it with a calm conscious ;)

Joined: 08/04/2008
it might be cool to unlock

it might be cool to unlock cards by accomplishing different things in the game for the players. Ex: score 100 vp. I'm not sure how the game works but you could have some cards that are acquired that way if ur doing the game online. Plus this gives you the ability to set it up in a way that no other collectable game is set up. The players are collecting and its free but it adds different goals to the game. Also you can have these all as different ways to win. It's a good way to play test if different conditions are easy or hard to come by in the game by having people trying to hit that condition.
Just a thought. If you can figure out a mechanic to have this happen in an out of the box game I could be interested. I always like the unlocking other things without it negating you later in a game. Seems to only really work to unlock for next play style things or you get a runaway leader.

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