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Tactical Combat Game MADE! Help with pricing...

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Hey guys.

I've finally made a version of RED available on TGC. My issue being the prototype version came out to be 50usd. This was a no brainer for me, because I need a version with the number of pieces (200+) for my own personal use.

66 Poker Cards (Items, 2 copies of each)
32 5x5 Tiles (Character cards, 1 for each player)
2 5x3 Rulebooks
1 10x10 Gameboard
Around 200 1" tiles (Character markers, damage tokens, exp, stack/surge counters)
1 Poker Card box
1 10x16 Game Box

For what's being printed that seemed feasible for me. In the context of the game itself I want to find out a way to make this cheaper. Red was meant to be a modular project, which I'd add to over time. For what's in the box right now I don't think 50 bucks is a fair price. Or maybe it is? What would you guys think is fair? I was leaning somewhere closer to 20-30.

For those of you who haven't seen RED is a tactical combat game that has a free version online. Right now the free print and play version has old art. A lot of characters were redrawn for example. Use these PDF's to estimate how much you'd pay for the game itself. Character Cards
Core Rules
Game Board (20x20 Version)
9 Lives Rules + Cards

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It looks super cool! Nice

It looks super cool! Nice work. Personally, I would probably pay about $40-50 for a copy, which I know doesn't work with your cost here. Here are 3 suggestions:

1. You can run a Kickstarter campaign, and buy it in bulk from TGC, or even better from PandaGM or LudoFact, which will drive the cost fro something like that WAY down. Then people can buy it fro $40 or $50.

2. If you don't want to do a Kickstarter, and just want to sell single copies (though with such beautiful work, I don't know why you'd limit yourself that way), try SuperiorPOD instead, another game print-on-demand manufacturer that has much lower prices than TGC, though others won't be able to buy it through them, so you'd have to order copies and advertise/sell it yourself.

3. Just put it up on TGC and charge what you think is right for it. If you don't sell any , no harm. But I think what you have here is super cool, so I would jump on to number 1!

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First of all: Kudos! I

First of all: Kudos!

I followed your progress a good while ago when you posted the first character pictures. The finished product not just looks cool, it also seems to play really well. Being a (part-time) graphic-designer myself i have to add that you have a nicely written and well designed rulebook there!

Well, pricing is a big problem for boardgames that are sold via print-on-demand. personally i would not pay 40-50 bucks for a game like this - no matter how cool it looks.

either reduce the amount of components (this is what im doing with my main project), or make it available for download for free print-n-play. another idea is just to put it on TGC with really low earnings made from a single copy sold.

the only other option would be to mass produce it. but thats a dream to most of us - I know not a single game designer who was able to produce and sell enough copies to make a reasonable earning out of it. so better get this idea out of your head right away again.

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What I ended up doing was

What I ended up doing was making a starter set. This set includes 1 copy if the 16 character each, A scorepad in place of damage counters, and a revised version of the 9lives matchtype - one without cards. This basically cut the price down to something more manageable at around 35 bucks.

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