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Tarot Cards and Tuck Boxes available

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The Game Crafter
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Tarot Card Template

The Game Crafter is very pleased to announce the immediate availability of tarot sized cards and the tuck boxes to go with them. 

The finished size of the tarot cards is 2.75 inches by 4.75 inches. This is the traditional size of tarot decks. The cards come 10 to a sheet, and one sheet costs $1.89.

In addition, we have released a 90 card tarot box to go with the cards. The tarot box is designed to hold a traditional tarot deck of 78 cards, plus as sheet of rules or divination meanings. Rather than making to tuck box an odd size (87 cards), we decided to make it 90 cards so that it will hold 9 complete sheets of tarot cards, since we print them 10 to a sheet. Tarot tuck boxes are fully customizable, full-bleed, and cost $2.79 each.

The tarot community has been asking for print on demand tarot cards for a long time, and nobody provided the true tarot card size, or the tuck boxes to go with them, until now. We're pleased to serve the tarot community in this way.


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