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tile holder

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I'm working on a simple strategy game I'd like to make as cheaply as possible. It uses 50 tiles (5/8" x 5/8) but you never have more than 4 at a time in your hand before you lay them down on the board. I'd like for each player to be able to see the tiles in their hand at a glance but not their opponents'. Nestorgames uses 8mm thick tiles for some games but 50 thick tiles seems fairly expensive. I'd think a Scrabble type tile holder would be fairly expensive.
Any ideas?

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Holding and hiding

Well, scrabble tile holders can usually be found for ~$1 each.

You could probably use some kind of folding component that approximated the same shape as the scrabble holder (you can fold a rectangular mat widthwise into a triangular prism with a little tail that folds up to get the same shape cheaply). A folder or screen could also work to hide the tiles.

If you wanted a more interesting solution you could print your components on magnet sheet and have it ready as a travel game, with the pieces adhering firmly to the board, each other, and a player aide you could keep your hand of tiles on.

Another solution would be to scale the game up and use square cards so you could hold them in hand. This does solve the hidden information, but fails at being able to see the whole contents of the card at all times. On the other hand it makes them easier to handle and read individually, and will likely be cheaper.

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