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Tuck box packaging

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So prototype tuck boxes arrived today. I think they solve a problem for retailers. What do you think about a window vs no window?

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I miss the pouches, which I

I miss the pouches, which I thought had great potential for a being displayed from a small, rotating countertop display rack. I can see how this would be better for people wanting to only stock a couple copies though. My concern with the pouches was that the material looked like the really low grade reusable shopping bags that are given out as promotional items. Those don't hold up well to sustained use, and the text tends to flake. With these, my concern would be shrinkage. I can't tell if you already did, but it would be good to have the dice bagged inside the box for when the cellophane window is inevitably compromised.

If you are going to have a window on these boxes then you need a card with a graphic image to set behind the dice, something a little more attention grabbing than a black card with game stats. I've noticed some CCG packs will have something like a foil card visible to draw in the consumer.

Out of curiosity, are those the baseball dice in the gridiron box pictured?

Joined: 01/06/2009
Good catch

Yes, they are Baseball dice. I just wanted to see how they would fit in the box. The dice are and will be in a small OPP ziplock bag to stop them shaking about.

Sample dice don't arrive for another few weeks. The pouches will probably end up folded in the box. It's been our thing for 3 years now. Simple package, straight in the pocket etc.

The non woven bags have held up quite well. I know they deteriorate over time but that's when they're usually full of groceries. Having the tuck box options serves the distributors & retailers and of course the buyer.

With nice 300gsm (almost) casino quality cards, a sturdy tuck box with window that shows what the game contains (retailers are happy not to have grubby fingers opening pouches). The pouch included in the box and....I'm going back to engraved dice for future runs. All of this combined brings a Pocket Sports games up a level. Hopefully attractive to the big retailers and a little product that delivers more out of the box than first perceived.

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