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Unure of slot names.

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I've been designing a card game similar to Munchkin, but had some problems thinking of some things for it, and was interested on hearing peoples thoughts.


Players start with 5 cards. They get two actions, (playing a card is one action, unless otherwise stated, or a sometimes card), then at the end of their turn, they draw one from the deck pool. Their goal is to build a base while stopping others from building their own.

Each player has one slot for a part of the base, (like a command center, 2 weapons, shielding, etc....Similar to the equipment slots for Munchkin like Armor, 2 hands, helmet, etc, not sure what each slot is to be named.) Each base section can only be used once, and replacing one will discard the older card. If players have 3 or more cards of a set type, they gain bonus VPs.

Players can build any type of base they want, (space, underground, helicarrier, etc....again, unsure of types of bases to name), and each part is worth so many Victory points. Players can also use actions to play cards to discard others base cards, or protect their own, (E.G: "Weather Control Device; All players discard their shielding slot if they have one. Does not work on Space types", and similar cards.).

Sometimes cards can be played at any time, even in players turns, to do the effect of that card, and are NOT counted as actions.

Now I'm just unsure as to how to end the game, whether it be a player gets a certain amount of VP, or if a certain card gets drawn. Any suggestions would be great.

So that's the basic idea. Any thoughts or suggestions for anything here would be great. :)

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Why limit the slots at all?

Why limit the slots at all? Just let me build as stupidly big a base as I want (and lose)

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