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Using Spreadsheet to Make Proto Cards Need Help

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Hello all,

I am using a deck of 20 cards as a results table.
I am generating the cards using a spreadsheet (OpenOffice Calc)
Right now I have different tabs for different parts of the
results table. For instance... (this is for a basketball game)
one tab is for scoring, one is for rebounding, etc...
4 tabs all together, with a 5 tab/sheet that pulls the info from the prev 4 to make
the results cards.

I'm trying to use conditional formatting to make a cells background
either green or red depending on info it pulls. I can do it cell by cell
but very time consuming and makes it where I would have to redo it all by hand if I make changes.

Bottom line I'm trying to make it where I take the # of the card (which is in upper left corner of card)
and using that in a formula to determine conditional formatting. Here is what I got.

this works. It looks at my scoring tab and looks at G15 which is first result on that pages charts.
If it is a 1 i get a green background.
But for each of my 20 cards I would have to change the 15 to 16,17..35

i was trying this...
B2 is the number of the card.Which in this case is 1.
I get nothing.

Any ideas or comments on conditional formatting or an easier way to
accomplish what I am describing?


Joined: 03/06/2009
I have never used open office

I have never used open office but I am familiar with excel. If you use $Scoring.$G$15=1 in excel, the scoring and g15 are absolute references. The dollar sign ensures that the value doesn't change if you copy the formula. If you remove the "$" from "15" and use the fill handle to drag the formula down, the 15 will become 16, 17, etc. This works in excel, not sure if this helps you or not.

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