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Version 1.14 of nanDECK is available for download

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Version 1.14 of nanDECK is available for download, this is a list of the changes:

- New FONTCHANGE directive
- New LIMIT directive
- New CONCAT function
- Added parameters to PAGE directive to hide guidelines
- Added parameter to TEXT directive for outlined text
- Added parameter to FONT directive to disable clipping
- Added parameter to SAVE directive for creating zip
- Added parameters to HTMLTEXT/HTMLFILE directives to increase definition
- Added parameter to FRAMECLOCK function for rotating frames
- Using Frames for Frames' definitions
- Label definition with conditions and loops
- Fixed bug in DUPLEX directive
- Fixed bug in FONT directive
- Fixed bugs in visual editor

Download site:

I've uploaded a revised version of the manual, and I wrote a small page for the new features, here:


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