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Version 1.16 of nanDECK is available for download

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Version 1.16 of nanDECK is available for download, this is a list of the changes:

- New NANDECK directive
- New RHOMBUS directive
- New GRADIENTSEQ function
- New RANGEADD function
- New RANGESUB function
- Added flag G in BUTTON directives for gradient effect
- Added flag V in PATTERN/ICONS directive for vertical pattern
- Added batch save for cards' images
- Added PDF conversion to CMYK profile with Ghostscript
- Added L for reading last color
- Added default values in MACRO parameters
- Fixed bug in DUPLEX directive
- Fixed bug in OVERSAMPLE directive
- Fixed bug in HTMLFILE/HTMLTEXT directives
- Fixed bug in ZOOM directive
- Fixed bug in gradients
- Fixed bug in ranges

Download site:

I've uploaded a new version of the manual, and I wrote this small page with all the new features:

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