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Version 1.23 of nanDECK

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I've released a new version of nanDECK, with these new features:

New DRAW directive

This directive works in the virtual table, and draws a number of cards from a deck (named in the 1st parameter) and put them in a second deck (named in the 2nd parameter), optionally specifying the position, the syntax is:

DRAW = "name", "name_new", number, flag, pos_x, pos_y

The flag can be U (for a face up card drawn) or D (for a face down card drawn).

New LINKCOLOR directive

With this directive you can read colors from a cell from a spreadsheet file, it must be added before the LINK, and uses three parameters: the name of the label, the name of the column and an optional flag that specifies if is read the color of the font (F) or the color of the background (B, the default).

New LINKUNI directive

With LINKUNI=OFF you disable the translation of unicode characters (used with HTMLTEXT directive).

New FOLDER directive

With this directive you can specify the working folder, the syntax is:

FOLDER = path

New STORE directive

With this directive you can disable the memorization of the cards' images, useful when you save them with the SAVE directive and don't need them to print or to create a pdf (it save memory). The syntax is:

STORE = "range", flag

The flag can be ON or OFF.

New TABLE directive

This directive open the virtual table at the end of the build step, setting some options. The syntax is:

TABLE = number, flags

number: the number of cards drawn when you double click a deck,

flags: you can choose these flags:

R) the drawn card is placed at the right of the deck
L) the drawn card is placed at the left of the deck
U) the drawn card is placed at the top of the deck
B) the drawn card is placed at the bottom of the deck
O) the drawn position is rotated
P) the drawn position is randomized
A) enable the alignment to grid
C) show the canvas as a background image
S) automatic selection of object
T) show the tags
F) bring the selected object to the front
M) move complete stacks of cards

New FRAMEBAR function

This function creates some frames aligned in a line. The sintax is similar to FRAMECLOCK:

[name] = FRAMEBAR(x1, y1, x2, y2, frame width, frame height, number, zoom)



New flags R and C for HTMLFONT directive

The R flag creates an outline effect with more steps, the C breaks the lines at every character (instead of words).

New flags Z, D and G for FONT/TEXTFONT directives

The D flag writes the text in the diagonal of a rectangle (and G writes it in the opposite diagonal), for example:


The Z flag writes the text on the last BEZIER curve drawn, for example:

text=1,"This is bezier curve",0,0,100%,100%

New parameter for rotation in LAYER directive

The 4th parameter of a LAYER directive specifies the angle of rotation.

New parameters for position in TOKEN directive

The 7th and 8th parameters of a TOKEN directive specify the token's position in virtual table.

New parameter for line spacing in HTMLMARGINS directive

The 7th parameter in HTMLMARGINS directive specify the line spacing, 100 is the default. This is an example:

[lorem]=Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.


Download (Windows):

Download (Wine):


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