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Version 1.24.1 of nanDECK is available for download

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A new version of nanDECK is available, with many bug fixed, some new features in the editor and some few additions to the language:

- Line auto-completition (it can be disabled in the Config)
- Closing parenthesis added automatically (it can be disabled in the Config)
- Matching parenthesis are highlighted (colors can be chosen in the Config)
- Current parameter is highlighted in the syntax (at the bottom of the editor)
- A check list for flags for the current directive
- Mouse right-click opens the keyword editor
- Mouse wheel-click opens the visual editor
- Ctrl+Tab selects the next parameter
- Ctrl+Shift+Tab seletect the previous parameter
- Shift+Alt+Up moves lines/block up
- Shift+Alt+Down moves lines/block down
- F1 opens help for functions

- SAVEGIFA directive - added flags for compression and transparent color
- SAVEGIFA directive - added parameter for transparent color
- HTMLTEXT directive - added flag S to save current font auto-size
- HTMLFONT directive - added flag M for multiple shadows
- New RANGECOUNT function - it gives the lenght of a range in cards


Download (Windows):

Download (Wine):


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