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Version 1.24.3 of nanDECK is available for download

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I've released a new version of nanDECK, with these new features (and some bug fixed):

Execution of directives from a spreadsheet

You can specify with the LINKEXEC directive that one or more columns of a linked spreadsheet contains directives that are executed as they would be read from the script. The syntax is:

LINKEXEC = field1, field2, ... fieldN

Load PDF as images

The LOADPDF directive draws on a card (or a range of cards) a page read from a PDF file. The syntax is:

LOADPDF = "range", "filename", pos x, pos y, width, height, number, dpi

Note: the number of pages contained in a PDF file can be read using the PDFPAGES(filename) function.


You can use hyphenation in texts drawn by HTMLTEXT in two ways:

  • manual: add the Y flag to an HTMLFONT directive, and put one ore more ­­ tag in the words that can be hyphenated when needed.

  • automatic: add the H flag to an HTMLFONT directive, and specify the language to be used with an HTMLLANG directive, using the syntax:

HTMLLANG = language (en, it, fr, de... etc.)

Last line alignment

When the horizontal alignment of a text drawn with an HTMLTEXT directive is set to justified, the alignment of the last line can be changed from the default (left) to center (using the E flag in HTMLFONT) or right (using the G flag in HTMLFONT).


Download (Windows):

Download (Wine):


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