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Virtual rapid prototyping

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Long time lurker, first time in a while poster =). I'm looking at developing a card game and have created a Access database for shuffling cards and moving them from various locations (draw deck, to players hand, to play area to discard pile, etc). I can't help but feel like I'm reinventing the wheel and there is already something that does this, but better. I don't need anything fancy, just something that shows the cards in their various locations, and possibly the ability to track a few variables. I really don't want to learn a new programming language so python is probably out =).



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Online Table Creation is what I use. You can even have people play your games! Very helpful and easy to do. Still a bit buggy but it can save time and money.

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Battlegrounds Gaming Engine

Battlegrounds Gaming Engine should be able to help you digitally prototype and playtest your game.

It has features for shuffling, drawing, playing cards, dealing cards to various players, etc.

But the first step would be to make a graphic (bitmap) for each non-duplicated card in your game.

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I have used Tabletop

I have used Tabletop Simulator quite a bit for long distance friends to play my prototypes. Once you get past the interface its really quite good and easy to import all the resources.

What I mean by the interface is its easy in real life to pick up a card and place it next to another, in tabletop simulator you may need to place it a few times to get it in the right place. Simpler games that don't require exact placement or cards may be easier, that said you do get used to it.

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