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When you do get that 3D printer....

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Willi B
Joined: 07/28/2008

You might want to know that the age old printer scam of charging more after the purchase then you ever hoped to spend on secondary things is still in effect in the 3D age.

However, this professor got tired of spending the big dollars and came up with a goop recipe of his own that is as cheap as 1/50th the price of the goop they sell to fabricate 3D items at the printer company.

Not sure how to do links in the new system... please forgive if it doesn't appear as a link.

InvisibleJon's picture
Joined: 07/27/2008
...and there's the 3D paper printer...

And there's the 3D paper printer coming out from Mcor:

Here's hoping that there's a big 3D printing price decline coming in the next year or two!

The Magician
Joined: 12/23/2008
I remember a while back,

I remember a while back, looking at 3D printing as a miniatures option. Thanks for sharing this!

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