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Where can I build a prototype?

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Hey guys! So I've been working on a fitness board game for children (ages 6+)It's getting to the point where I want to look into how I can build my prototype. Most of my searches I've done have lead me to GameCrafter, however when I was on their site I saw in the FAQ section that they can't create games for children. Something about it being against the law. I'm not sure if that means that they can't build the game or if they can't publish/sell the game?
So I was just seeing if their were some other companies that would help me get my prototype built. What my game would need would be a box, game board,four small decks of cards, dice, a small spinner, a one minute sand timer, four pawns/game pieces, and four chips/tokens.

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First, welcome to bgdf.
Second check any other syndicate kids games on the back of these games that may be lying around your home.

Check out
This company is based Massachusettes.

The can help you create your game in house. Package, artwork and all other aspects of game production.

Check out GreenCouchGames on facebook.

Check out Minion Games, Mayday Games, BlueOrange games, Egra Games, These comapnies have their own websites and facebook pages. Hope you find what your looking for.

Happy hunting,

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TGC Issues + Kids Games

I researched the TGC website myself, as there seemed to be a big stink about children's games being made there. From what I recall, it's cost-prohibitive for limited print runs to be made for children, as there's an expensive CPSC safety test that needs to be made for a game that's to be marketed for children. Like, you can't have staples in a game manual in a game made for kids, and regulations in that vein. It's from a consumer safety standpoint and - more importantly - Federal regulations.

TGC decided to sidestep that can of worms, and simply enforce an age of 12+ rule for all games SOLD through the site. Note that you're welcome to MAKE prototypes using their website... Just don't expect to be able to sell it there.

The Game Crafter actually maintains an account here, so they may speak up on the issue and clarify where I may be incorrect.

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Thanks so much for your help

Thanks so much for your help guys! I'll check those out.

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