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Where can I buy bulk abstract game pieces (checkers or stackable discs)?

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Joined: 10/07/2008

I've designed a new abstract strategy game that uses 33 stackable pieces for each player.
Gathering pieces for the prototype wasn't a problem but now I need to produce several playtest copies and I'd like them to be fairly nice.

So far the best price I've found on decent checkers is 25¢ each at

Surely there's a way to buy several hundred stackable discs at once without spending a ton.

Thanks in advance!


Joined: 08/11/2008
Check the dollar stores if

Check the dollar stores if you're just looking to make a prototype. $1.00 for a full set is a lot cheaper. You may also look at Wal-Mart. They normally have cheap-o sets of checkers for $4-$5.00.

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Searched Google for "cheap poker chips"...

$30 for 500 poker chips (plus dice and cards and fancy-schmancy case):

5 cents per chip - many colors:

4 cents per chip - three colors:

8 cents per interlocking chip - many colors:

Best of luck,


(Edit: Corrected a typo.)

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Stackable pieces

Try Benny's Woodworks - about 10 cents each in bulk.


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Plastics For Games

Plastics for Games out of the UK has a couple of stackable pieces.

Their minimum order is $100 + cost of shipping. Cost of pieces is $30/1000 or $80/1000 for the counters I saw that might fit your needs.

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EAI Education

500 3/4" stackable plastic chips for $9.50. They have a lot of other chips and tokens, too. Take a peek.

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Your help is definitely going

Your help is definitely going to save me a lot of money! Thank you guys so much.

I never thought of checking with educational supply companies. There's one a few miles form my office so I'm going to poe around there on Monday.

I found checkers at for a reasonable price too. For my needs I can get decent, painted checkers for about 10¢ each.

Please keep the links coming! I definitely have some good options now but I'd love to find checkers like these... a good price. Not necessarily for the playtest copies but for my own prototyping needs.

Thanks again.

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