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Where can I find game pieces in Canada/US other than the Game Crafter?

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for some small pieces to represent many little armies (kind of like in Risk, or those small cubes from Pandemic). As well as pieces to represent Temples and army leaders (that travel amongst the other armies).

Ive been looking into some different sites like Ningbo and Lorenz but they are so far away and I find it difficult to understand their websites. The Game Crafter looks great, though I want to see if I have other options out there. Suggestions?

Thanks a ton!

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This site has SOME...

They have the wooden cubes... But they don't have the same variety that TGC has...

Also check out this thread:

There are a few links - haven't tried all of them. But the first one works for wooden cubes.


Update: Do MORE searching on BGDF by typing "wooden" in the search... It might provide you with more links... I don't have the time to go through each one. But I know Soulfinger posted up a link to wooden parts, etc.

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Read this:
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Look at the "Game

Look at the "Game accessories" section of the first post at

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