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Where do I go from here?

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I'm putting this in prototype because I think that is the step I am on. If this belongs someplace of the forum let me know, I'll repost and delete this one.

I have been in the process of refining a game for the past year now. I have rules down to a managable garble and the mechanics to a very understandable level. While I haven't played the game with anymore than my group of close friends, I want to make a prototype that I could send out for blind testing, and hopefully, some positive criticism. But I have no idea where to even begin this process.

I don't have a game board - how do I go about looking for a company to produce these? While I have the mechanics and text for the cards, do I go to the same place for the cards as I do the board?Or is there some place else that I should look?

As I said, I have rule and cards, and ideas on how i want the board and game pieces to look, but even then i don't know of a place(s) that could produce them

Art work is being commissioned but without funds to actually pay for them I think I'll be getting rough samples of the artists true potential at best.

I really just don't have any connection to who I should be trying to get in contact with next.Pretending that I have all my artwork (which is a stretch), do I go and try to find a producer? or do I self produce a copy though thegamecrafter and try sending that to other people? Should I send it to a game reveiw website? and if so who?

All those questions are still miles off but I 'd like to know how much planning I should do for these next steps. I apologise if this sounds ranty or whiny, but I've been frusterated with work lately and the game is what has been keeping me sane (and not getting me put behind bars).

So please and thank you for any advise on the topic. Maybe I'll post some of the mechanics here on the forum and get some feedback from you guys to see if I need to work out some mechanic problems.

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