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Where to get a grid like Super-Scrabble?

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In my game I will use several hundred half-inch square tiles in a grid of 30x30.

So I want to have a grid sort of like the clear, raised, plastic grid on the super-Scrabble board -just enough to keep the tiles in place but loose enough so the users can easily manipulate the pieces.

I would recycle a Super-Scrabble board, but it's only a 20x20 grid, and scrabble pieces are bigger than a half-inch.

So far, I've considered:

  1. Using a wire mesh (can't find one flat enough or with the right-sized holes)
  2. Using transparent silicon caulk and drawing the lines with that (this might work, but could look bad)
  3. Using 1:24 dollhouse tile sheets (grid is too slight, and typically the tile-hole is a bit too small)
  4. Cutting 1mm dowels and gluing them into place, cutting them to lengths necessary to create the grid (probably what I'll do).
  5. Using a regular mosaic tile-mounting grid (too deep and tight, and don't come in the right size)

I was wondering if anyone has other ideas besides these.

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Picture framing places?

Have you tried those picture framing places that use the thick cardboard to frame pictures when mounting them in picture frames? I don't know how expensive they are but they can usually cut as many shapes out of a sheet as you need, but the gap between holes may be to big.

There's also:
Make your own wire mesh version by putting nails or screws or eyelets around the edge of the board & threading your own wire through to make the grid.

A large Lego board with the flat smooth pieces to define the gaps.

Drill holes in a board & have round plugs glued to the back of the tiles so they fit into the holes.

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Simple answer

One would suggest a laser cutting service like would be the way to do it for proto-typing and either produce the vector your self or get some to do it.

Then if the games a go see about mass production companies like from china to produce a few thousand for you.

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Paper can be your friend. And

Paper can be your friend. And paper can have friends as well.
My grids always are printed on A4. Then plastified if deemed worthy. And sometimes even pasted to cardboard or trespa, if deemed really worthy.

If you use good quality materials. You can have decent prototype boards this way.

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Plastic tile spacers glues at

Plastic tile spacers glues at the corners between tiles? I have bags of them to use as generic markers and playtest tokens, but the smaller ones looks like they would work for this. That is similar to what I remember the board to Targui was like. That there are gaps in tge ridges around each tile only makes them easier to pick up.

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A3 printer is fantastic. :) I

A3 printer is fantastic. :) I put boards under plexi for a great surface, so no need to mount on boards or glue plastics.

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You could also print your

You could also print your board on fabric.

Check out

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A search on "mosaic tile

A search on "mosaic tile grid" comes up with places like this...

And I see people requesting specific sizes at the bottom of the page

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