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Wooden bits for sale

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For all of the designers and prototypers out there -

I have some extra wooden bits that I would like to sell. I've listed the pack sizes and prices below, and at the bottom of the message are the total quantities I have on hand.

Catan Walls, red, 21mm square (quantity - 25) - $4.00
Catan Walls, black, 21mm square (quantity - 25) - $4.00
Discs, yellow, 15mm x 4mm (quantity - 50) - $7.00
Wooden cubes, 8mm - colors available: red, blue, white, black, green, purple (quantity - 50 of any one color) - $4.50

Payment via paypal only.

Shipping is from zip code 53147, via USPS, in a flat rate box of the appropriate size (which probably will most often be a small one).

Please reply here if you are interested. I will try to update quantities here as often as possible.

Available black walls - 12 packs of 25 walls
Available red walls - 12 packs of 25 walls
Available yellow discs - 43 packs of 50 discs
Available wooden cubes - approximately 1,000 of each color, please email me or reply here to check quantities

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