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would it be possible...

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Joined: 08/13/2012

I always find it hard to prototype new games. Sometimes this is from lack of materials or just lack of time.

So I wanted to make an online tool for prototyping games. I am trying to think right now of what the best way to make something like this would be. I am aiming for people to be able to prototype just about any game they have in their mind.

Would it be possible?

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Well, this is a pretty broad category. What do you mean specifically?

There are companies like gamecrafter which will print custom parts for you, and many different programs available to help quickly create cards or grids for self printing. Then you have things like Inkscape which are free and useful to make a lot of standard size pieces quickly.

I find that the most time consuming parts of basic prototyping are cutting and pasting, but these can both be easier if you use better materials (like sticker paper) or punches and cutters. If you keep a supply of basics on hand like wood cubes and sleeved blank cards you can get most things up and running pretty quickly. If you need a specific type of component you can usually just make a quick trip to the local dollar store.

So what are you looking for specifically?

Joined: 08/13/2012
I am thinking of

More like an online tool that allows you to prototype and test your game online.

Also something like this would make it easier to find playtesters because they can open up your game online and play it.

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Like Vassal?

Like Vassal?

Never used it but people play and test games on there from what I hear.

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I usually use ZunTzu. Module

I usually use ZunTzu. Module building is fairly simple to do since it's nothing more than a virtual table.

There is a bit of learning involved with the scripting, but you can figure most of it out by reading the forums or looking at existing modules.

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