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Acrylic card boxes as retail packaging for a game?

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I'm thinking of the Ultra-Pro full-telescoping storage boxes. If I would put artwork within the box that included all the requisite info — game art, description, tech specs, UPC and so on — then shrink-wrap the whole thing. Would this work on a store shelf OK, do ya think?

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I'm going through a

I'm going through a re-packaging exercise myself, and these type of boxes were suggested.

Every retailer (especially independents) have different opinions on how something should be boxed / presented as they define the layout of their store set up.

Most games stores are quite willing to work with a games' packaging and can find a place on a shelf. It's the major retailers that will have more specific requirements.

Maybe ask a few of the local game store in the area what they think? A good way to introduce your game while you're there too!

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