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Ad Hoc Demographics Challenge ~You are the committee~

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Ad Hoc Demographics Challenge

Need help on finding who buys that may be tract on your web site...or by your product sales.
Who buys what kind of ccg / designer game / whatever? Will our data match others data that has been collected for the publication industry...A few years back we bought reports.They did not differentiated between toys and games, let alone one type of game or another.




Were they live-City, country, suburbs. what kind of setting?

how they live-

Are they married, single,

Where are they as to social -political philosophical beliefs

We think about these things not out of some twisted since of judgment. we look at these things so we understand how to reach the maximum number of people, with the least amount of effort for the maximum bang for the buck. ...All I want to know is who is buying what, when, where, and why. a lot of us already collected the data.

So this is my challenge. For this next month of December we decide upon the criteria for the observation of sales and design targets (two categories). Once the rules for observation are in place, we collect and compile the data. This way we have a tool to sell with, an idea of who we are designing for or to whom we sell to.

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