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Adult 18+ Game Publishers?

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Joined: 05/29/2009

I've got a concept for an adult game (like Pin the Macho on the Man, Strip Poker, etc...).

Does anyone know of any adult game publishers? Do regular game publishers delve into the adult games circle?

Thanks in advance.

Black Canyon
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Joined: 05/30/2009
Yes, they exist

My suggestion is visit your local mall and go into Spencers Gifts. Find the ever-present aduly game section and start looking at who publishes those games. There is a market for adult games, but they definitely aren't published by people who publish games that are sold in game stores.

Your post reminded me of playing Xxxenophile, a card game with art by Phil Foglio. It had a really interesting play mechanic and was always fun to play. The game wasn't hardcore adult, but it had some nudity and strong sexual themes in it. I looked into the game recently on Phil Foglio's site and it turns out he resurrected the main play mechanic in a new game based on one of his comics.

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Black Canyon has it right. Spencers is the only "mass outlet" for adult games. Most of the adult publishers are very small though and may not be interested in outside designs if only due to a lack of capital. The place to find out, however, is at Spencers. See who's in the adult section and give those companies a call.

Good luck!

Joined: 05/29/2009

Ok, that is a good place to start. Thanks for the help :-)

Joined: 05/11/2009
List here

Very grateful if you can list here as I cannot access stores.
Well I looked at spencersonline and they only have a few games listed.

The Game Crafter
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Joined: 06/09/2009
What kind of a game?

I know you said it's an adult game, but could you describe it a bit more without giving away any secrets? Is it a card game a board game or both? Meant for parties, hard core gamers, or a couple "in the mood"? Is it adult because it's violent, pornographic, has an exceptional amount of swearing, etc?

The reason I ask is that we're an indie game publisher. Until now, we've been only publishing our own games, but this summer we're going to start publishing games of all sorts, from all developers. We specialize in small run games like this. The fact is that most games never sell more than 500 copies. The big sellers sell a few thousand, and only the exceptional games sell 10,000+. This doesn't mean these small distribution games aren't great games, they just have a small audience. We decided to start publishing other people's games in addition to our own because no publishers seem to exist to service that crowd, and we think we can do a great job of it.

We've been debating whether to pick up adult games (we've had a couple inquiries from others as well). If we go down this road, we're still deciding if we'll put any limits on content, or allow the full monty. So the more feedback we could get back from designers like you, the more informed a decision we can make about that.

Joined: 07/21/2009
Adult game Plublishing

Hi, I have been doing research to see if anyone plublishes adult games and I came across the above.
Just to check- Are you in Australia?
Secondly, my husband and I made a game that we have played often & its been suggested that we should get it published. It is definently 18+, it is meant for Parties 4-6 players + and is definantly hard core. It is also heaps of fun. Not a drinking game, non violent but does contain nudity & is pornographic.
We invented it because we had looked everwhere for adult games for a group and couldn't find anything. Can you give us any further info or can we contact you direct to see what our options are?

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Joined: 07/27/2008
Opportunity cost evaluations...

The Game Crafter wrote:
We've been debating whether to pick up adult games (we've had a couple inquiries from others as well). If we go down this road, we're still deciding if we'll put any limits on content, or allow the full monty.
Also consider the reaction of the other users of your service. Will the money you make off of Adult games offset the revenue you do not realize from designers who choose not to use your service or pull their games?

As a non-adult game designer who's been looking at your site and preparing a bunch of games for sale there (Yes, I only have one project started, but I have many more in the queue.), I would be strongly disinclined to direct customers to your site if Adult games intermittently popped up on the front page or on other pages. The majority of games I make aren't wimpy, but they're certainly family-friendly. I don't want them associated with boobies, drinking to excess, drug use, etc...

If they were separated off into their own section, I might feel a little more comfortable with it, but I'd still be leery.

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