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Advice / question of custom game add-on

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Joined: 04/23/2010

Does anyone have any tips / links / examples of the legality of selling a custom 'add-on' for a game owned/published by someone else.

For example, the game Carcassonne, a popular and copyrighted game, clearly not by me.

I have a designed an 'add-on' for the game that I would like to sell.

I know I can't legally name my product 'Carcassonne Tunnels.'

But I'm wondering if I can say "For use with the game Carcassonne.' and then within the product refer to the copyrighted rules of Carcassonne?

Does anyone have any advice or tips on where to find the legally of this (either for or against)?

Or even examples of other products with the same spirit? Like a product made by a 3rd party for use with another product?


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